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Ladies in Wonderland Tea Party for Your Birthday

Ladies in Wonderland Tea Party:
A Lady is Giving of Her Time

The "Ladies in Wonderland Tea Party" focuses on the etiquette skill; a lady is always giving of her time, in addition, it helps children become more aware of the importance of respecting other's time. The game, activity, and etiquette lesson in this tea party, are sweet reminders that help children recognize and learn skills that will develop characteristics of a true lady. It is so fun. The host will be giddy with excitement as she learns how to transform old items into beautiful serving dishes.
Perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, this tea party is simply amazing!


Tea Party Kit Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Letter to Parents
  • 8 Invitations & 8 Envelopes
  • 10 Place Card Settings
  • Drink and Food Labels
  • Several Supplies for Decorations
  • Activity Page (including craft & game)
  • Treat Recipes
  • Drink Recipe or Suggestion
  • Etiquette Lesson (taught by the host)
  • Shopping List
  • Planner Calendar
  • 8 7” Plates
  • 16 Napkins
  • 8 Mini Paint Cups
  • 4 Colors of Tulle (25 yd each)
  • Small Spray of Baby's Breath
  • 8 Multi Colored Paint Brushes
  • 8' of Red Ribbon
  • 4 Colors of American Accents Spray Paint
  • 8 Paper Straws
  • 8 Silver Antique Keys
  • Fancy Scissors
  • 20 Paper Fruit Cups

For ages 7-14 years Additional craft supplies will be needed to complete the suggested projects to personalize your party.

***This product can ONLY BE SHIPPED PRIORITY due to the spray paint that is inside. Please remember when choosing a shipping method***


A Note to Parents:

Hello Parents,

I hope you are excited to help your child put together a lovely party. This is not just a party, but a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn some life long skills that will bless their lives for years to come. I do not want this party to be a source of stress, tension or especially a financial burden, so please please just do what works for you and your family. However, allow your child to be in charge as much as possible. If the planning calendar is followed and if you and your child sit down together and discuss needs, time table, finances, food, etc., and then you all adhere to your plan, your child will be exposed to and have the potential to learn the following skills:

  • organization
  • negotiating
  • planning
  • addressing and mailing
  • cooking
  • decorating
  • crafting skills
  • presentations
  • teaching
  • being a great host
  • being a true lady
  • and more

Parents, have fun and remember that allowing our children to try and fail and try again and succeed and to be supportive and positive is what allows our children to strengthen their wings so they can one day fly.

Very best,
Monica Irvine